Unfortunately we are f*&ked

I am in bed (when I should be sleeping) typing on my computer with iTunes playing and my email open and I'm about to suggest that we are f#$ked because we cannot unplug. Clearly I’m in no position to explain the virtues of unplugging.

Initially I was going to talked about how I watched 15minutes of the recently Maclean’s political debate with all parties except the Liberal party and how, my take away was: we are f*%ked! Each candidate trying to jam their party rhetoric in as much as possible. The affect was somewhere between a kid reciting their lines in a school play and using the title of the book too often in their book report.

We do not understand our times? It was Kierkegaard who said, life is lived forward but understood backwards. But is that even true? Do we look back? Can we look back? This wasn’t a unique debate it was a new Ikea kitchen and everything was fresh and the same.

Every political debate is a distraction that is the same. It is what you, dear reader, need it to be. If you needed it to be informative, check. If you needed it to be a disappointment, check. If you needed it to prove yet again the politicians are liars, check. Whatever it is, you walked in the door with it, as did I.

There is this idea that we learn from history, but what we learn and how we learn is not clear. Cleary we repeat mistakes and clearly we reuse ineffective or even destructive patterns to mis-solve problems. Why is this?

History is not fixed it is fragmented and as we move into the future we take pieces of it. And it is precisely because it is fragmented that we try to throw whatever we can against the wall and see what sticks. We do not know.

At one point during this political recital, Andrew Scheer said something and the other parties were offended. Then they later all agreed that Trudeau was a liar. Then Elizabeth May said their numbers are in line with Sheer’s and didn’t know where Jagmeet Singh’s got his numbers, but he believed in Canadians. Then the network talked to people in communities to get "feedback." This amounted short blurbs where people said, basically, they were disappointed with everyone. Clearly this was an invaluable discussion which is why we are f^&ked.

We are all so plugged we cannot focus. Here I am, still typing when I should be sleeping. I spent the day working, editing a TV show, then tonight I went to the gym and listened to an audio book called Pedagogy of the Oppressed, (#notacomedy) then, back in my hotel, I listened to a playlist on my IDAGIO music app as I worked on a letter to a friend. Then I poked around on Facebook long enough to feel like others are doing better than I am, then made a peanut butter sandwich and watched Samantha Bee who, coincidentally, was mentioning that we are f*^ked.

By some standards this is not very plugged-in but my whole night was plugged-in. Even the exercise machines at the gym having computers in them, telling me “Great Work!” when my “Goal is reached.” They even know my weight!

And this is why we are f$*ked. Everything is a distraction. I am writing and now you are reading (I have made you an accomplice!) because of a distraction. And we are trapped in this way of living. Why didn’t I spend an hour focusing on my breath reminding myself to love myself and to experience my presence? What happened to selfcare and simply being curious about one’s state of mind? This is why are f%&ked. We are doing and not being.

Being in a rush, being plugged in, has meant one thing, and maybe it has always meant this, we are just seeing it in a new way now: it has meant that we are unclear what we believe. We just believe stuff. We are offended. We are angry. We are feed-up. Sure, so am I. But what’s next? Sometimes what’s next is unplugging and going to bed.

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